Domenico Girolamo

Domenico Girolamo
Domenico Girolamo

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Domenico Girolamo, born in 1986.

At just 14, she entered the world of nightlife, becoming resident DJ of the Garden Resort, famous club in the early 2000s.

In no time you noticed by industry veterans for the marked taste for house music and the technical capabilities of mixing using three turntables together, in order to create the mush-up and remix live.

The move to the consoles of the big clubs is instantaneous and began performing in a huge number of evenings in no time gaining support from all audiences.

Follower of technology for dj, start to use the first drum machines along with sequencer, midi controller and modulators of effects, along with CDJ turntables and, in order to turn his DJ sets in compositions live.

In his performances, he goes even further by making alongside experienced jazz musicians turning the mixer in a real musical instrument. He participates and leads various music shows, on television and radio stations.

Simultaneously the commitments of dj, is dedicated to the composition of his first productions (My Name - Special V - You're all I Wanted) on (Indented records - Australia) and (Huautla) on the prestigious label Neapolitan Deependance recordings.

Tile guest djs among the most famous in the world; I have always been opposed to the idea of ​​the DJ-promoter, became known for its innovative and refined musical selections along with a strong ability to bring the house genre everywhere.

His sound is a soft and refined selection of tech house, with sounds taken from the current deep, techno, nu-jazz, disco; the structure of his DJ sets, become developed thanks to the original sound modeling and the use of sound effects and loops, extrapolated eclectically from classic American and vocal house.

A strong charisma in console makes every DJ set addictive and unique.


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