Born and raised in a little town near Düsseldorf, Germany, Toivo has given his touch to numerous of different productions. As a producer and DJ he became an established name when it comes to creating music. Directly signed to Nervous Records, New York, he entered the global underground scene with his track „Night Ride“ which got him support by some of the biggest names in club music. 

At Nervous Records he joins between artists like Oscar G, Junior Sanchez, Chus & Ceballos, Chris Lake or David Tort. His mix series „Toivos House“ is very popular and regularly charted on Beatport Mixes. „Toivos House“ reflects his sets, which he plays with total devotion and sense for the audience. He began over 10 years ago with Djing and producing and therefore he is looking back on a long experience. 

Toivo's style is adaptable in many ways and gaining in popularity. The journey starts right now and new productions are coming up...

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