Davidoid - Solid State


Welcome in WWR to Davidoid and to his remixers. He's an young talented italian producer and musician with the passion for the electronic music. He has already various tracks released by labels such as: Subwoofer Records, Dark Smile Records, Ilisho Records, Analog Tecne' Model, Incorporated Astrofonik, Traffick Records, Astral Tech and more. This is a very good Hard Techno release. Let's spend few words about it. In this release we have 7 tracks of wich 6 are remixes. We think that these remixer does not require a presentation, they are renowned artists: Vikkei, John Rowe, Ekomatik, Vitor Saguanza, Emir Hazir, Tonikattitude. We're really sure that you'll love this release so, enjoy! Peace & Music! 

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