Leveg - The Kindness Of Melodic


Leveg - The Kindness Of Melodic

We are very proud to welcome in our family this great artist. Leonardo Vergel aka LEVEG, a resident of the city of Bogota' (Colombia) with more than 17 years of musical career. He's an exponent of TechHouse, House and Melodic Techno who loves the percussion of the Tribal and the melodies of the progressive, creating an appropriate atmosphere for dancing and a good energy. LEVEG combines these elements in all its productions making it appropriate for the dance floor. He has already released tracks with very good labels such as Tretmuehle, MoonShake Records, Hotfingers, Monique Musique, Re:vibe Audio and many more. This is also the first original album we release and we couldn't ask for something better, this album is a fantastic trip trought melodic lines "kindly mixed" by Leveg. Keep your eyes closed, feel the vibes and make your body move by Leveg's tracks.


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