Async - Bank Angle


Async - Bank Angle

RELEASE DATE: Apr 16, 2019



Async sets up his 4th EP with WonderWorks in less than 1 year. This time he comes back with a four-tracks work. 


Async is always in search of new sounds for his productions. Since he started to release tracks with us, we received tracks with a lot of sounds different from each other. Every track released is a fantastic work where you can hear to many sounds marking his "touch". 


This release contains two different versions of “Bank Angle”: the original track and the “303” mix. They are similar but the 303 one feels more aggressive because of his acid bassline. 

“Tired nurse”, a melodic techno track where Async shows off his creativity. “Molly Asylum” is the closing track of this EP: a good track to warming up the floor. 



It's always a pleasure listen to Async’s works. We are very honoured to work with this guy, one of the most young-talented producer from Europe. 

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